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GoPro Hero 11 Black series announced in PH, starts at 23,990!

GoPro Hero 11 Black series is announced in the Philippines last night at S Maison Conrad Manila. It comprises "Standard, Creator, and Mini" editions.
Go Pro Hero 11 Black series announced in the Philippines!, starts at 29,990!
The three editions

GoPro Hero 11 Black Series announced in PH!

This new version of action cameras is the successor to the GoPro Hero 10 series and of course, they come with significant upgrades.
The Hero 11 Black
The Hero 11 Black 

Particularly, all three editions have a new larger sensor which will be a 27MP 1/1.9 lens. They also capture 10-bit color depth that delivers up to 1 billion colors and shoots up to 5.3K resolution at 60 FPS or 4k at 120FPS. The three models also are powered with the same GP2 chip.

GoPro is also proud to introduce the highest video stabilization yet for their devices. All three use the HyperSmooth 5.0 which automatically detects the video stabilization needed judging from the speed and movement of a user thus making it an all-rounder for any scenario.

It also has an 8:7 aspect ratio which lets users shoot a larger field of view. Videos become slightly taller and wider allowing flexible cropping for either 16:9 or any preferred aspect ratio without sacrificing the end product.

Using the "GoPro Quik app", will also let users capture vertically at a 9:16 aspect ratio which is ideal for Instagram or TikTok applications. You may also zoom in on the best areas of the video to create a high-quality close-up.

The GoPro Hero 11 Black series are powered with what they call the "Enduro Battery" that can withstand cold or moderate temperatures. The regular model has a 1,700mAh size.
The Hero 11 Black Mini
The Hero 11 Black Mini

What differentiates them would be the "mini" obviously gets a smaller form factor while maintaining the highlights of the standard edition. This is made possible by also removing the 2.27-inch display like the other two models have. However, the battery is toned down to 1,500mAh.
The Hero 11 Black Creator Edition
The Hero 11 Black Creator Edition

The creator version, as the name suggests is designed for vlogging, live-streaming and alike. This will have more juice to offer using the long-lasting Volta battery grip apart from the attached 1700mAh Enduro battery. Alongside that, it also has an optional directional mic, an external mic port, an HDMI port for external display, high-powered LED lights, and two more mounting slots for accessories. This model is also the most expensive of the group.

All of them also have simpler controls called Easy and Pro modes. The easy mode makes the interface more well-organized and lets users record video in the best setting for any scene. While Pro controls give the users the freedom to tweak their preferred settings.

Lastly, all versions are capable of the new Night effect time-lapse namely the Star trails, Light painting, and Vehicle Light Trails.

Price and availability

GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini - PHP 23,990
GoPro Hero 11 Black - PHP 29,990
GoPro Hero 11 Black Creator Edition - PHP 41,990

The Standard edition is already available in stores in the Philippines, while the Creator Edition will be available this month and the Mini version will be in November.

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