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GOMO to hold 2nd anniversary event this October!

GOMO telecom is holding its second anniversary this October with surprises ready for attendees and subscribers.
GOMO to hold 2nd anniversary event this October!
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GOMO is to celebrate its second anniversary!

The telco was launched two years ago and has now reached more than 2 million subscribers. 

The brand have "value-packed" promos such as non-expiry data, unlimited data (capped at 5 Mbps), and the feature that lets you trade data MB to call or text.

To give back to their community, for every week in the whole Month of October, GOMO will be hosting events at the Studio Dance Club. Each week will have a theme such as pop disco hits for October 7, K-pop style for October 13, Rhythm and Blues for October 20, and Holloween theme for October 28.

For those who are interested, just simply swap 15GB via "Mo Creds" and you may join the exclusive passes on these events.

There's also a Skate event brought by GOMO at the Circuit Makati where there will be a weekly live art showcase by TikTok broski and visual artist Raco Ruiz. Participants may see him at the venue on October 8,15, and 22. 

While on October 29 there will be an anniversary concert and the opening of GOMO Skate Park where you may catch some tricks and exhibitions. You may also see some artists including Omerta.

As part of the anniversary celebration, GOMO subscribers may enjoy the Unli 30-Day promo and No Expiry 25GB promo for PHP 199 only.

Lastly, the telco says there will be more surprises to expect for the whole month so stay tuned. They hinted that "there might be another raffle and new Mo Creds offers".

What do you guys think?

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