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Google announces "Hacking Google" docuseries on its security team's work!

Google just announced that its new docuseries "Hacking Google" is now available on YouTube. It is covering how the tech giant's security team works.
Google announces "Hacking Google" docuseries on its security team's work!
"Hacking Google" now available to watch on YouTube

Watch "Hacking Google" on YouTube!

"Hacking Google" is a 6-part documentary series available to watch on YouTube. It covers how Google's security teams keep people safe.

The series exposes a few of the several teams that carry out this work behind closed doors, such as those that detect government-based cyberattacks or take on the task of hacking Google to bolster its defenses.

Operation Aurora, which is the first chapter of HACKING GOOGLE, describes how Google responded to the largest nation-state attack on its corporate infrastructure in 2010. At least 20 other businesses were impacted by the theft of intellectual property that occurred from this attack.

The H4CK1NG G00GL3 Challenge, in which thousands of hackers, hobbyists, and students from over a hundred nations collaborated to crack security riddles and unlock each of the six episodes, was completed before the start of the series.

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