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Lalamove shares life hacks and tipid tips using their "Pabili" feature

Lalamove recently introduced their "Pabili" feature, and now the courier/3PL service provider shares some tips and life hacks when using this.
Lalamove shares life hacks and tipid tips using their "Pabili" feature
The new feature

Lalamove got some budgeting tips!

With the rise of commodities and fuel these days, managing funds becomes particularly important. 

One of Lalamove's avid users Anna Perocho, says she can heavily apply stricter budget monitoring by using the said new feature.

She is a 45-year-old single mother with a job as a sales agent who barely has time to get out and buy her groceries. Ana continued that she does not have time to run errands as a working mom despite the new WFH setup as she still has to prepare and cook for the children and do household chores from time to time.

Ana added that her 14-year-old child sometimes has to go to the nearest sari-sari store to fetch some ingredients for cooking such as oil, vinegar, soy sauce, and some spices. However, she said that the most efficient way to save time, energy, and money is through the use of the "Pabili service especially when buying many things.

According to Lalamove, this service is for parent/professionals who prefers to maximize their day-to-day activities. Lalamove thinks that with the help of this feature, you can make smart choices while maintaining your budget amid the inflation going on in the PH because every move and decision counts.

I started using Lalamove’s Pabili service to make ends meet, especially during the time of the pandemic when all of us in the house were not allowed to go out. It was very convenient because I can do my grocery shopping in the comfort of my own home, Anna shared.

Moreover, the single mom reiterated that she can stick to her weekly budget as Lalamove has PHP 2K cap on orders for motorcycle deliveries and a PHP 5K cap for sedan services.

The Courier/3PL also said that small appliances, electronics, and other items can also be delivered through the Pabili service. It can be tracked with ease via the built-in GPS on the app while the payment options are extended to both cash or cashless choices.

Lalamove also has preferential scheduling of deliveries where a user can pick a reasonable working time and date for their items to be delivered. The app also claimed that they have low and transparent rates and does not have any hidden charges for each transaction.

I like how transparent the app is. I can see the breakdown of fees per booking since I always adjust my spending daily. It gives me peace of mind that there are no hidden charges when I’m using Lalamove’s services, Ana Perocho added.

The delivery app also has rewards per transaction such as for every PHP 10 spent, a user can earn 1 point and use it as in-app currency to redeem rewards.

For daily users, there will be PHP 50 discount for dine-in, take-out, and drive-thru transactions with Jollibee or PHP 500 non-expiry SM Gift Pass. The Lalamove's Rewards Program also includes other partner stores such as Bo's Coffee, BonChone, CTBL, Chatime, 7-Eleven, Max's Restaurant, Handyman, and Bruno's Barbers.

This is just one of Lalamove's testimonials on saving money.

What do you guys think?

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