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#ICYMI: Motorola, Lenovo demoed rollable smartphone and laptop concepts!

At the recently concluded Lenovo Tech World 2022, the PC giant showcased its latest proof of concept—a rollable smartphone and laptop.
#ICYMI: Motorola, Lenovo demoed rollable smartphone and laptop concepts!
The rollable Moto phone

Rollable phone and laptop!

The rollable Motorola smartphone showed a 5-inch compact handset that can expand to a 6.5-inch tall screen by accessing a physical button on the side. Rollable phones aren't really that new (OPPO and a few other mobile makers have this tech as well), but Moto's concept is to make a compact phone taller, not make it expand as big as a small tablet.

To make this possible, the company is using a flexible type of OLED screen.

Anyway, content on the rollable smartphone will also dynamically adjust to expand on the screen when you watch videos. Reposts also said that Lenovo/Moto will continue to work on other potential use cases.

There are no other details about the device yet. Moto just said that this is a high-end compact phone that can get big when needed.
The rollable laptop
The rollable laptop

Meanwhile, Lenovo is also working on a rollable laptop. This is a very cool concept as it looks like a regular Windows laptop at first glance, but the screen can expand vertically when needed. This solution brings more screen real estate for better multitasking, browsing, and more.

Unfortunately, the company has yet to announce more info about it and if will be available commercially anytime soon.

One thing is for sure, the future is exciting.

Sources: Motorola, Lenovo

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