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Maya reaches 1M savings customers in 5 months, shares why you should use it too!

5 months after its launch, Maya now has one million users with saving accounts. The Fintech app also prepared reasons why you should use it.
Maya reaches 1M savings customers in 5 months, shares why you should use it too!
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Maya achieves 1M savings customers in 5 months!

As part of celebrating this milestone, Maya is introducing new offers to give their customers an even better digital banking experience.
File photo: Meet Maya
File photo: Meet Maya

For starters, by simply doing their usual activities with the application, users may now receive their savings interest daily rated at 6 percent per annum.

Were very grateful for the warm response from the market. Were ushering in a new banking era, and were excited to roll out more innovative and customer-centric digital banking features in Maya that can enrich everyday lives, said Angelo Madrid, Maya Bank President.

Maya also shares why you should start using their application too.

Seamless and integrated experience - According to the fintech app, this is no longer a zero-interest earning E-wallet but you can also make your money work harder for you by transferring funds easily from the E-wallet so you can buy and sell cryptocurrency. 

Since it has its own digital banking services, everything now is seamless and there's no need to use a different bank or app or submit new requirements.
Savings feature
Savings feature

Daily savings interest crediting - as mentioned above the crediting on the savings feature will be daily which is rated 6 percent per annum. That's fast considering you have to wait for a year or a month for other bank or fintech apps before you can receive the interest earnings.

More rewarding daily transactions - Maya says that by using the app daily on your business or personal transactions you can get more rewards through missions. On October 15 onwards, users will initially get 4.5 percent interest per year on their savings but it can be increased to 6 percent in the next 30 days by completing missions. You only need to spend at least PHP 250 when paying using your Maya QR, card, or mobile number or paying your bills using the Maya application. Do note the offer is available until November 30, 2022, only.

Personalized Goals to manage your money - this feature is found inside the savings app, it is a digitalized way of budgeting your funds by creating up to 5 goals that let you set target amounts and a specific timeline. It's like a detailed digital piggy bank but will also earn a similar 6 percent interest rate per annum. Maya also says that daily crediting will also come to the "Personalized Goals" feature.

Easy account opening and transfers - The All-in-one digital banking app says that accessing Maya Savings is easy as the users only need to have an upgrade Maya wallet account. User's also don't need to think of a maintaining balance like the ones you see from traditional banks. In addition, fund transfers to other banks or apps are waived via PesoNet but it is until December 31,2022 only.

Create your credit history - Maya stated that all transactions made including savings will help you increase your credit score. Eligible users may avail of up to PHP 15,000 revolving credit which can be transferred to their wallet or to the Maya savings.

Reliable and secure - Maya claims that its digital banking services are reliable and secured with a 99.94 percent app uptime rate. It is also powered by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) - licensed Maya Bank, and deposits are insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation for up to PHP 500K per depositor.

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