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Globe blocks 32 million SMS with malicious links in 2 weeks

In a span of 2 weeks, Globe announced that it blocked over 32.2 million scams and spam text messages that contain clickable links.
Over 32.2 million SMS spam with links blocked by Globe
Over 32.2 million SMS spam with links blocked by Globe

Globe cracks down on over 32 million spam SMS

This figure spans the period from October 13 to September 28, when Globe began applying stricter measures. This indicates that during that time, Globe blocked 2.4 million SMS messages with clickable links daily on average.

In the final week of September, Globe began restricting SMS with clickable URLs in response to mounting worry over the rise in spam and scam messages, particularly those including mobile subscribers' full identities.

The move is a first for the sector and makes Globe the first and only carrier to actively ban all SMS between individuals that contain clickable links. It will continue until the SIM Registration Act is put into action.

Between January and the end of September, Globe blocked 1.3 billion spam and scam messages, setting a new record. This surpasses the sum of 1.15 billion for the entire year of 2021.

In addition, the number of blocked SMS every month increased sharply, rising by 295.74 percent over the course of nine months, from 68.34 million in January to 270.5 million in September.

All person-to-person SMS from all networks that contain clickable links are prohibited as part of the novel security precaution. This demonstrates that the blocking technique has been successful because it has forced scammers to develop new ways to construct their scam messages.

To date, Globe has invested PHP 1.1 billion, or USD 20 million, in improving its system for identifying and preventing spam and fraudulent SMS. To filter out these undesirable messages, including app-to-person and person-to-person SMS from both domestic and foreign sources, its Security Operations Center is active around-the-clock.

Additionally, Globe provides its clients with the knowledge to enhance their own security. It published a how-to video on Facebook earlier this year to show Android users how to set up spam filters on their smartphones. Meanwhile, the Digital Thumbprint Program provides free online modules for workshops that teach kids, teachers, and parents how to be good digital citizens.

Globe is still running its #StopSpam platform, which allows users to report spam and fraudulent messages they have received. Customer feedback assists Globe in identifying and blocking more potential sources of spam and scam messages, which reduces the volume of these unwelcome messages.

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