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US blacklists world's biggest drone maker DJI

DJI, the world's most popular drone maker, was added to the USA's trade blacklist due to its alleged links to the Chinese military.
US blacklists world's biggest drone maker DJI
DJI banned by US

DJI is among new banned companies by the US government

This is a big deal since DJI is the world's biggest drone maker to date. Other big companies are included in the new "Entity List" such as genomics firm, BGI Genomics. In the list, the US's Commerce department can bar blacklisted companies from any US business transactions such as acquiring US technology and investments.

The Pentagon was responsible for determining the Entity List. It is determined to highlight and counter the military-civil fusion strategy to modernize the People's Liberation Army in China. Modernization can be done through advanced technologies and expertise acquired from different PRC companies, universities, and research programs around the world.

The US government has previously imposed limits on business dealings with Chinese firms out of worry that they would ultimately help the PLA's expansion and modernization, which led to this decision.

Due to claims that the Russian army was using DJI drones in the fight, the firm came under increased scrutiny as Russia's war in Ukraine got underway. This worry grew after a social media post by the Russian embassy in Beijing praising the usefulness of DJI products in contemporary combat a few weeks ago.

DJI refuted this claim and said that its products are designed for civilian purposes and cannot meet the requirement of military operations.

Nearly 300 Chinese enterprises are listed on the Entity List maintained by the Commerce Department; the newest additions, which include seven state-affiliated entities in the aerospace and chip industries, were registered in August.

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