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Personalized usernames for money transfers? Maya got you!

Mobile wallet Maya is now allowing customers to create their usernames for sending and requesting money.
Personalized usernames for money transfers? Maya got you!
Maya app

Making payments more personal with Maya

Gone are the days when users have to scan QR codes or make sure the numbers are accurate, as Maya said in a Facebook post that customers should upgrade their mobile applications to personalize their usernames.

Forget phone numbers and names with silly ast*r*sks. Say hello to @usernames and use them to send and request money with your Maya friends!

Maya said it is the first Philippine bank that lets customers use their usernames. Clients can also opt to include their username on their Maya card.

So how to get your Maya usernames?

1. Tap the “Profile” icon on the upper left corner
2. Tap "Get Started" to create your @username
3. Claim your @username
The steps
The steps

E-wallets in the country have been finding ways to conceal the personal information of their users amid the surge in cases of scams and spam messages.

In September, GCash also anonymized the names of its users when sending money, with some of the characters hidden behind asterisks.

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