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LG unveils a new smartphone telephoto camera module with up to 9x zoom range!

LG Innotek continues to innovate in terms of mobile cameras. It is debuting a new telephoto zoom camera module at CES 2023 that is also slim.
LG unveils a new smartphone telephoto camera module with up to 9x zoom range!
This LG Innotek Telephoto Camera Module has moving lenses!

A new LG moving telephoto lens with no additional bump?

At CES 2023, LG Innotek will unveil a new telephoto zoom camera module with genuine, continuous optical zoom. In order to accelerate the deployment of its innovative technology alongside the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in upcoming top Android phones, the business is collaborating with Qualcomm.

LG's new design uses moving lenses, similar to a regular DSLR camera lens, to extend beyond the natural focal length, whereas most other long smartphone cameras use digital zoom to do so in exchange for image quality. In order to reduce space overall, this camera module also employs a folded-optic design, sometimes known as a periscope lens. A lens with a 4–9x range and real optical zoom is the end product.

If you want to capture images at 200mm, optical stabilization, which is a requirement, is also a part of this new LG design. The module moves the lens elements for zooming using a tiny, incredibly precise actuator that, according to the manufacturer, can move in 1 m increments. LG also notes that by using its system, phone makers would be able to place fewer total lenses on the back of their products. In order to save space and electricity, this design combines the 4x and 9x lenses instead of using both.

LG Innotek is pushing its new module to be part of the flagship smartphone lineups of 2023.

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Source: The Verge

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