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Sharp to showcase new energy tech, advanced automotive devices, and more at CES 2023!

Sharp confirms its participation at the CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The show will be held from January 5 to 8 to showcase the latest technologies.
Sharp to showcase new energy tech, advanced automotive devices, and more at CES 2023!
Here's what you can expect from Sharp during CES 2023!

Sharp to share its latest tech advancements during CES 2023!

One of the biggest and most important tech events in the world is the yearly Consumer Electronics Show. Under the four themes of New Energy, Automotive, AR/VR, and TV, Sharp will display cutting-edge technology and goods that reflect the company's ESG-focused management.

In terms of the latest New Energy tech that will contribute to carbon neutrality, the LC-LH (Liquid and Crystal Light Harvesting), an indoor photovoltaic device created by combining dye-sensitized solar cells and the company's long-cultivated LCD technology, will be unveiled by Sharp for the first time outside of Japan. As the next generation of solar cells, perovskite solar cells from Sharp will also be on display. They are anticipated to aid in the wider use of solar power due to their thin, light, and flexible design.

In addition, the Passenger Information Display from Sharp will make its debut using viewing angle control. The driver can focus on driving because they won't be able to see the display image while driving thanks to the adjustment of the viewing angle. A Driver Monitoring System prototype will also be on display from Sharp. The driver is seen via a camera module built inside the display. Sharp will also display a compound photovoltaic module that has the highest conversion efficiency in the world. This module is anticipated to be employed in aerospace and aviation industries as well as in automobiles like electric vehicles.

Sharp will debut a prototype of an ultra-lightweight head-mounted display (HMD) for virtual reality that is outfitted with the newest components available, including an ultra-high-resolution display, an ultra-high-speed autofocus camera, and an ultra-compact proximity sensor. Along with other AR/VR-related devices that give users a more realistic sense of being immersed in images safely and comfortably, Sharp will also show off the world's thinnest 3- ultra-compact camera module, a distance sensor that helps HMD wearers avoid collisions with people and objects, and other related technologies.

The premier AQUOS XLED TV model from Sharp will be on display for the international market. Visitors can view a new generation of visuals with exceptional brightness and color expression made possible by quantum dot technology and micro LED backlighting. Additionally, Sharp will debut the first prototype of one of the largest 120-inch models in the globe.

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