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Apple cancels future iPhone SE production starting with 2024 model!

A renowned analyst confirmed that Apple is no longer working on the 4th Gen iPhone SE slated to be launched in 2024.
Apple cancels future iPhone SE production starting with 2024 model!
Apple iPhone SE is not getting new models anymore!

Apple iPhone SE line is now dead

Goodbye, Apple iPhone SE!
Goodbye, Apple iPhone SE!

According to Ming-Chin Kuo, the renowned Apple analyst, the tech giant has already told its supply chain partners that all plans relating to the 2024 iPhone SE, including production and shipping, have been canceled. It was first to be said to be just delayed but seems to have changed for the worse. The iPhone SE has always felt like Apple's testing ground for features and the viability of cheaper pricing.

Another piece of information that comes from this announcement is the future of Apple's new in-house baseband chip. It has been rumored to be coming soon for quite a while now. The new baseband chip was supposed to be commercially tested when the 2024 iPhone SE comes out. Now that the latter was canceled, Apple might be looking to partner with Qualcomm for the baseband chips of future devices starting with the iPhone 16 series.

Qualcomm would continue to supply Apple as a result of this move until at least 2025. It is therefore anticipated that it will continue to rule the high-end mobile baseband chip market globally this year and the following year, generating significantly better profit margins than its rivals.

The Apple iPhone SE and its three-generation lineage have been interesting experiments. It provided an option for those who want to join the Apple ecosystem without forking as much dough for the premium flagship series.

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