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ECHO PH wins M4 World Championship, PH to host M5 in Dec 2023!

ECHO PH snatches off the crown from Blacklist International to win the M4 World Championship. PH will also host the next world series.
ECHO PH wins M4 World Championship, PH to host M5 in Dec 2023!
The winning moment

ECHO wins the M4, three-peat for the Philippines!

It wasn't just an ordinary win but it is also a commanding sweep of 4-0 over the M3 World Champions. It's unusual to happen but it did, Blacklist got the taste of their own medicine when they also swept their rival during their time.

Now, ECHO really proves around the globe their moniker "the Super TEAM". They were called that way due to having members with prominent names for each role.
The members of the team
The members of the team

Let's not forget they also have two rookies under 18 known as Sanford (EXP lane) and Sanji (Mid lane) who demolished renowned veterans in the World Series.

Meanwhile, Karltzy (Jungler) also made history by being the first and only to win 2 World titles. If you recall he was there back in 2021 with Bren Esports for the M2.

The remaining two from the main 5 are called Yawi (Roamer) and Bennyqt (Carry) also got a fair share of highlights. For instance, Yawi had a 100 percent win rate on his signature pick Chou as he rarely fails to do miracle plays for his team.
The M4 MVP
The M4 MVP

On the other hand, Benny also called "The storm" has the highest kills statistically and even got famous for his numerous split push plays, and for that, he was regarded as the MVP of the M4. This is also his first crown as he was a veteran with no titles at all prior to this.

Of course, their win isn't accomplished just by them, there's also Coach TicTac and Trevor at the helm for amazing drafts and the reserve members Kurtzy and Jaypee.

This success for the team also allowed them to bag a prize pool of USD 300K (around PHP 16M) from the total USD 800K or around PHP 43.9M if converted directly.

With the Philippines for the third time winning the world title, the country is also given the chance to defend itself for the next M5 series. The previous events were held first in Malaysia, 2nd, and 3rd in Singapore and the 4th was in Indonesia.

What do you guys think?

Sources: MLBB, ECHO

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