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Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram settings to be combined into one centralized Account Center

Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram parent company Meta is making it easier for people to find and manage certain settings in one place.
Meta Accounts Center

All-in-one place?

Meta announces the merging of the settings menu for Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram into the new Meta Accounts Center. This means that personal details, passwords, security, and ad preferences will now be in a centralized place.

This should make it easier for people who use the multiple apps and services of Meta to manage their settings.

Facebook will also improve in select areas of the ad settings controls that can help people understand and manage their ads experience across the company's technologies.

Meta also updated the Parental Supervision Tools for Instagram. The company says that users can also keep their accounts in separate Account Centers should they prefer it. They will still have access to the same settings and can apply them to individual accounts.

This new Accounts Center integration will begin its rollout today and will gradually roll out to each user of Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram thru the coming months.

Facebook states that it plans to centralize additional settings in Accounts Center in the future so people can easily manage their preferences across the company's products.

What do you guys think?

Source: Meta, Via: FoneArena

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