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Globe deactivates, blacklists over 50K SIMS linked to fraud in 2022

Globe continues to intensify its efforts against online fraud by deactivating and blacklisting over 50,000 SIMs linked to this crime.
Globe registers over 1.5M SIM cards!
File photo: Globe Telecom

Addressing the rising cases of online fraud

In a statement, Globe specifically noted it deactivated 20,225 SIMs and blacklisted 35,333 SIMs involved in scam and spam messages last year.

Globe is serious in its fight against online fraud!

This was on top of the record 2.72 billion scam and spam messages it blocked in 2022, of which 83.4 million were bank-related.

Globe recognizes the growing threat posed by scammers, who use various tactics, including text messages, to deceive innocent victims into giving up personal information that could be used to compromise their financial accounts. We will continue to invest in our cybersecurity program to protect our customers from these unscrupulous individuals, said Anton Bonifacio, Globe Chief Information Security Officer.

One of the country's major telco players has a filtering protocol that deactivates SIMs within its network once detected to have been involved in fraud.

On the other hand, SIMs outside of the Globe network are blacklisted to prevent them from attacking the telco’s subscribers.
Image from Globe
Image from Globe

Globe has also implemented other initiatives to fight cybercrime.

This includes blocking mechanisms, partnering with financial institutions for threat intelligence, creating a customer reporting portal, and launching a campaign to educate its customers with the knowledge and tools they need to protect themselves from cyberthreat.

Meanwhile, Globe also remains committed to helping the government address the spread of scams and spam texts through the implementation of the SIM Registration program as stated under Republic Act No. 11934, or the SIM Registration Act.

As of January 25, around 10.4 million Globe prepaid users have registered their SIM.

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