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HEADS UP! SIM registration is only until April 26

The deadline for SIM registration may still be quite far away, but it will be better to register now than later.
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SIM registration ends on April 26

On Thursday, the Department of Information and Communications Technology posted a reminder to the public that the SIM registration deadline is on April 26.

SIMs not registered within the said period shall be automatically deactivated, it noted.

To register your SIM, prepaid subscribers must head to their service provider’s platform. The registration sites for each telco are the following:

For areas with limited internet access, relevant government agencies along with local government units, and the telcos are working together to set up booths.
Courtesy: DICT
Courtesy: DICT

Generally, registration will require a user to provide his or her name, date of birth, sex, and address. A valid government-issued ID is also needed.

There is no limit as to how many SIMs a user can register.

Postpaid subscribers should only confirm the information they provided to their respective telcos.

Meanwhile, SIMs of foreign nationals visiting as tourists shall only be valid for 30 days, which may be extended only upon presentation or submission of an approved visa extension.

Foreigners with other types of visas can acquire SIMs without the 30-day limit, which should be registered with the service provider.


Globe, Smart, and DITO have also provided guidelines to help their users in the process.

So far, DICT said over 16 million users have successfully registered their SIM as the process has already improved two weeks after its implementation.

The number of complaints authorities receive has also dropped from an average of 95 in the first week to 47 in the second week.

For complaints and concerns related to SIM Registration, users can reach out to the DICT through 1326.

DICT said calls to the hotline number are free of charge as long as the caller has a maintaining balance.

Have you registered your SIM yet?
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