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CES 2023: Infinix will bring JBL audio to affordable phones

Infinix, one of the top bang-for-the-buck gaming-focused smartphones maker has reportedly tapped JBL for its audio game.
CES 2023: Infinix will bring JBL audio to affordable phones
Infinix x JBL!

Infinix phones with JBL audio are coming!

The report claimed that the global China-based smartphone brand tapped the popular Samsung-owned audio maker JBL for its upcoming generation of Infinix Note Series. Yes, Samsung owns the parent company of JBL, AKG, and more which is Harman.

Going back, the upcoming Infinix Note Series will feature a sound system tuned by JBL.

There are no other details about it yet, but this will likely improve the audio performance, likely the speakers, of its Note Series this year.

There is no info if this partnership will also apply to its other line of phones like the more premium ZERO Series.

Nevertheless, this is an intriguing move showing that Infinix is truly serious about innovation and further improving its products.

Global tech authority GSMArena noted that the first phones with JBL sound will hit the market in May. At the moment, they are still in the prototype stage. A demo was spotted at the CES 2023 in Vegas.

Via: GSMArena

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