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CES 2023: AMD flaunts Ryzen 7000 APUs with up to RDNA 3 graphics, Zen 4 and XDNA AI engine!

AMD released APU versions of the Ryzen 7000 series and it comes with an improved RDNA 3 iGPU.
CES 2023: AMD flaunts Ryzen 7000 APUs with up to RDNA 3 graphics, Zen 4 and XDNA AI engine!
Photo from AMD

Next generation of APUs from AMD!

The main highlight is the flagship Ryzen 9 7940HS. It comprises of 8-cores,16-threads with clock speeds up to 5.2GHz, 40MB total cache, and RDNA 3 GPU with 12 Compute Units (CUs) clocked at up to 3.0GHz.
The new Ryzen 7040 series
The new Ryzen 7040 series

The second one is called the Ryzen 7 7840HS. It has an identical number of cores and threads but the clock speed is lowered to 5.1GHz while the graphics are also 12 CUs but with 2.9GHz frequency.

For the third one, it will be a 6-core, 12-thread CPU with up to 5.0GHz speeds, and 38MB cache. While the integrated graphics is down to 8CUs at 2.9GHz.

All three chips are based on Zen 4 Core architecture and they also highlight the XDNA AI Engine. This provides four continuous AI streams to help with multitasking AI-accelerated works. As an example, live video processing where already includes portrait blur.

The chipmaker also stated that they can deliver up to 30 hours of battery and is "significantly faster than both x86 competition". They also use DDR5 or LPPDR5 RAM and is built on 4nm lithography. 
More mobile processors
More mobile processors

Apart from those, AMD also introduces a new mobile processor called the Ryzen 7045 Series built on Zen 4 architecture and has the lower RDNA 2 graphics.

The rest are 6nm 7035 series with Zen 3+, 8-core, 16-thread, 20MB cache, 12CUs, and DDR5/LPDDR5 RAM.

Ryzen 7030 series with Zen 3, 8-core,16-thread, 20MB, 7nm but uses vega 8 graphics and lower DDR4/LPDDR4 RAM.

There are also Mendocino chips with Zen 2 architecture, 4-cores, 8-threads, 6nm, 2 CUs of RDNA 2 and uses LPDDR5 RAM.

AMD says these processors will be available on laptops by around March 2023.

Source: AMD

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