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CES 2023: LG reveals new display products, car screens, foldables, and other OLEDs!

LG revealed a bunch of new interesting display products at the ongoing CES 2023. 
CES 2023: LG reveals new display products, car screens, foldables, and other OLEDs!
The new foldable panel

LG showcases several display products at CES 2023!

The main highlight is the 17-inch foldable OLED screen meant for laptops. What's interesting here is the display does not have a crease even when you fold or unfold it as the brand claims.

It can be used in various ways such as half to make it look like a tablet or full like a monitor. Of course, it has a touchscreen function and LG even added support for a stylus pen making it a usable tool for portable productivity.

The next product will be the 8-inch 360-degree foldable OLED screen. As evident, it can be folded up to 360 degrees and provides improved utility function. The brand claims that the product's special folding mechanism prevents creases along the folding lines, and the module construction provides durability even after being folded more than 200,000 times.
The car display
The car display

LG also showcased displays for cars with P-OLED and LTPS tech. There's a 34-inch P-OLED which they said is the world's largest automotive screen with an ergonomic design that provides drivers a clear view of the dashboard and navigation system simultaneously.

Next is the LTPS LCD-based Head-Up Display (HUD). It has 5000 nits that should suit the driver's needs while also retaining premium picture quality. Another highlight will be a glasses-free 3D display panel with eye-tracking tech to provide users a different level of visual experience.

LG also showed different OLED screens with sizes of  27, 42, 45, 65, 77, and even 97 inches being the largest among the group. The 27 and 45-inch are gaming curved monitors that bend up to 800R so players can enjoy optimal curves when gaming. While there are also ultra-small displays called the OLEDos with a size of 0.42-inch only.

Additionally, they have another product called the OLED Glow with 27-inch as well. Its angle and height are both adjustable and come with a touchscreen function.

Apparently, LG did not disclose when these products will be available commercially. So you will have to stay tuned with us for that. We will update you surely once we heard about it.

Source: LG

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