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CES 2023: Samsung announces Odyssey Neo G9 dual 4K gaming monitor, ViewFinity S9, and more!

During CES 2023, Samsung announced 4 new monitors. This includes the first dual 4K monitor with the Odyssey Neo G9 gaming display.
CES 2023: Samsung announces Odyssey Neo G9 dual 4K gaming monitor, ViewFinity S9, and more!
Here are Samsung's announcements during CES 2023!

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Gaming Monitor, Odyssey OLED G9

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9
Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor is touted to be the first dual 4K UHD gaming monitor. It is a 57-inch curved screen with a 1000R curvature. It uses Quantum micro LED technology with VESA Display HDR 1000, 7,682,160 pixels in resolution, and a 32:9 aspect ratio. In addition, it has a matte finish to decrease screen reflection. It also has a 240Hz refresh rate for a fast response during gaming sessions.

It supports DisplayPort 2.1 with lossless DSC support that can transport data without any image distortion.
Samsung Odyssey OLED G9
Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 

Another curved widescreen monitor, the Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 features a 49-inch dual QHD screen that uses Quantum Dot OLED illumination. It has a 1800R curvature and a 32:9 aspect ratio. It also has a 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and genuine RGB color reproduction with True Blacks. It also has a 240Hz refresh rate and a 0.1-ms response time.

The Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 uses the Smart Hub to stream video without a PC by using apps from partners like Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube. Without a console or download, players can play games from Xbox and NVIDIA GeForce Now on the cloud with Samsung Gaming Hub, an all-in-one game streaming platform.

Samsung ViewFinity S9, Smart Monitor M8

Samsung ViewFinity S9
Samsung ViewFinity S9

Next, we have the 27-inch Samsung ViewFinity S9 monitor made for professional creatives such as designers and photographers. It has a 5120 x 2880 5K resolution, 99 percent DCI-P3 color gamut, true-to-form details, and a Delta E<2 color accuracy. This will make working on creative projects easier with close-to-real-life colors.

Users may adjust white balance, gamma, and RGB color balancing with their smartphones thanks to the monitor's built-in color calibration engine, which ensures accurate screen color and brightness. The matte finish reduces glare and reflection to lessen distractions.

With apps like Google Meet, the ViewFinity S9 Series enables native video conferencing and has a 4K SlimFit camera. Users can simply send high-resolution video clips to their PC by connecting USB-C and Thunderbolt 4 cameras and other devices to the monitor.
Samsung Smart Monitor M8
Samsung Smart Monitor M8

Lastly, we have the Samsung Smart Monitor M8. It is a 27-inch 4K monitor with a stand that can be adjusted in height and tilt. Long publications require less scrolling thanks to the 90° screen pivot. It can be mounted on a VESA to conserve space and lessen clutter. The Smart Monitor M8 can connect to, manage, and control hundreds of connected devices, including lights, cameras, doorbells, locks, and thermostats, with its integrated SmartThings Hub.

To expand the variety and usability of devices, Samsung will be starting this year to support Matter and Home Connectivity Alliance standards.

Many of the ad-hoc apps for the Smart Monitor, such as SmartThings and the Smart Hub, now support mouse control. Additionally, Google Meet is compatible with the Smart Monitor M8's built-in 2K SlimFit camera. To protect against threats, Samsung Knox Vault encrypts user data and separates files and information from the device's main operating system.

Customers who use My Content can get quick glance information and content like the user's photographs, schedule, and other information when it recognizes a registered smartphone using low-power Bluetooth. The monitor goes into standby when the phone goes out of range.

Pricing and availability were not yet shared during the presentation. We will update you as soon as we get more information.

What do you guys think?

Source: FoneArena

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