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What happens if you fail to register your Smart SIM?

More than 20 million Filipinos have registered their SIMs, a few weeks after telecommunications companies rolled out their SIM registration platforms late in December. But what really happens if a subscriber fails to register?
What happens if you fail to register your Smart SIM?
SIM card

No internet? Other telco services?

All subscribers have until April 26 of this year to comply. But the Department of Information and Communications Technology may opt to extend the deadline by another 120 days.

Smart Communications, the wireless unit of PLDT, issued a statement on Tuesday informing subscribers about scenarios they might face if their SIM cards are not registered.

Deactivated SIMs still have a five-day grace period for registration and reactivation, but once this is ignored, subscribers will experience the following:

  • No outgoing and incoming calls
  • No sending and receiving messages
  • No internet access
  • No load balances

Here's how you can register:

1. Visit the portal at http://www.smart.com.ph/simreg
2. Input your information and upload your valid ID
3. Wait for an SMS confirmation and get 3 GB FREE Data

Avoid all these hassles by registering your Smart and TNT SIM now, Smart said.

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