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Meet RAKK PRIYO Gaming Headset - Affordable tri-mode audio gaming buddy!

Today we are going to take a look at RAKK's latest gaming headset whether it sounds good, comfortable, or convenient.
Meet RAKK PRIYO Gaming Headset - Affordable Tri-mode audio gaming buddy!

To recap, the RAKK PRIYO Tri-Mode was announced back in December 2022 with multi-connectivity features, 50mm dynamic drivers, a big battery, a foldable design (as claimed), and a detachable boom microphone. All these features you'll get for PHP 1,995.

So the question is, is it any good? Let's find out!

Meet RAKK PRIYO Tri-Mode Gaming Headset!

The box
The box

First of all, the device arrives in a huge box with a combination of Yellow and Black colors, there's a transparent plastic cover so you can get a glimpse of the headphones.
Inside the box
Inside the box

Inside, you'll get the product itself, a 2.4GHz dongle, a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable, a USB-C cable for charging, and some paper documents for a guide.
The body
The body

In terms of build quality, the headphones are mostly made out of thick plastic while the adjustable neckband/headband is a combo of metal and plastic to ensure its durability and lightness. Speaking of which it only weighs 335 grams.
The metal frame inside
The metal frame inside

It comes mostly in Black color with some touch of silver on the RAKK's logo and an oblong pattern outside it. 

The brand claims it has a foldable design, but we noticed that you can only rotate and fold the earcups. It's not the foldable we expected like the one you can make the size smaller and fit into your bag.
Soft memory foam material
Soft memory foam material

You'll notice there are memory foams on the neckband and earcups (replaceable) to give users a comfortable feeling when in use. In fact, they do feel soft when the earcups press on our skin. It also feels the same when the headphones rest on our neck.

Looking at the bottom part, you'll find the removable microphones, controls, and a USB-C port.
The bottom part
The bottom part

We appreciate the removable feature as it gives us the option not to use the mic whenever we use it outside our home as it would really look awkward to have it attached when in public. Anyway, the boom mic can also be moved omnidirectionally so you have the option to put it away or get it close to your mouth whenever it's needed.

As for the controls, you can turn it on using the pause/play button, there are volume up and down keys and the M key which stands for mode.

In the battery department, it has a 1,000mAh capacity, the brand claims it can last up to 18 hours straight, but for us, it can even be used more than a day. Perhaps is that we prefer to use it on 40-50 percent volumes only.

For connectivity, this is one of the main highlights of the device as users can have the choice to use wired via a 3.5mm audio jack, or wirelessly using the 2.4GHz dongle and Bluetooth. However, RAKK didn't mention what Bluetooth version it is using.
The USB-A receiver
The USB-A receiver

We're mostly using it with the 2.4GHz dongle although the sound quality gets toned down at the expense of the wireless feature. What we liked here is that there's no noticeable latency in this mode. Every gunshots and footsteps are accurate alongside its surround sound feature allowing us to react on time when gaming.

Wireless connectivity also gives us the freedom to move around,  we gamers usually adjust our seats, suddenly stand up when it's time to eat, or turn around when someone is talking to us thus if we are using a wired connection there's a chance that it may snap accidentally.

The Bluetooth connection, it allows us to use it on our smartphones and laptops. However, there's noticeable latency in it. We recommend using it on non-latency-reliant games, and music in general.

Again the headphones are equipped with 50mm dynamic drivers. In terms of sound quality, it is acceptable. The wired mode obviously makes the sound quality better. It has clear audio, details are present, with decent vocals however we can't help but notice that the sound is airy and muddy.

But that's understandable for its price and is mostly found on gaming headsets of whatever brands, specifically under PHP 2K.

It shines with the bass region though, it is strong, thumpy, and boomy. In fact, we were forced to use it at around 50 percent volume as the bass reverberated in our ears beyond that volume. So be careful in what volume you can take on the bass. It can be ideal for movies for that cinema-like experience and bassy soundtracks.

When it comes to the performance of the microphone. Our voices are clear as per the receiver's comments while there's also a background noise cancellation in it. We noticed that it can block the sound of the fans even if it's just right next to us.

Pros - Lightweight and comfortable, acceptable sound quality, triple connectivity, convenient and good microphones.
Cons - Airy and muddy sound, not foldable design as advertised.

RAKK Priyo Specs

Drivers: 50mm dynamic 
Microphone: Built-in, removable, retractable
Connectivity: 3.5mm (wired), 2.4GHz USB-A, Bluetooth, USB-C (charging)
Weight: 335 g
Price: PHP 1,995

Quick thoughts

RAKK Gears did a great job in fitting all the aforementioned features for the price of PHP 1,995. It is rare to see such a feature pack with multi-connectivity headphones under PHP 2K. Usually, such features are found at over PHP 3.5K or PHP 3K when on discounts.

Our only gripe is that the foldable design is not what we expected which may also confuse other buyers. Just keep in mind that.

Still, that doesn't stop us from recommending the RAKK Priyo and that it is truly worth buy.

What do you guys think?

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