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vivo flaunts the V29 5G's design and colors!

vivo teases its upcoming V29 5G smartphone with two dashing color choices.
vivo flaunts the V29 5G's design and colors!
The two color choices

vivo shows off its V29 smartphone design and colors!

According to vivo, this smartphone's special aesthetic design is set to captivate the hearts of Filipinos with stylish lifestyles.
vivo V29 Starry Purple
vivo V29 Starry Purple

Starting with the first color choice known as the Starry Purple, vivo gave it the moniker of "Celestial Masterpiece". As it shows a resemblance to celestial rivers in the night sky.

It boasts a 3D Starry Craft design with 9 million micron-sized magnetic particles combined to create an effect of two galaxies colliding thus it also creates a dazzling image of varying light and shadow effects at the back.

With this, vivo claims it can be an accessory of choice for fashion-forward individuals who want to match their styles when going out.
vivo V29 Magic Maroon
vivo V29 Magic Maroon

Next is the Magic Maroon colorway. It uses Photochromic technology that resembles a fine wine. It looks to have luxurious silk with subtle color and shine changes, providing a premium smooth touch when under light and shadow as vivo claims.

Again this device will also feature Aura Light 2.0 circular flash on the back which should mimic a studio light but in a small form factor. You can also expect a 50MP OIS camera + 8MP ultra-wide sensor, curved display, Snapdragon chip, big memory configuration, and battery.

vivo says this is coming to the Philippines soon. Watch out for the brand's announcement on its Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok for the latest news.

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