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ShipIt online platform launched, a new way to send your package abroad!

If you want to send packages abroad, you might want to take a look at this Logistics firm called ShipIt.
ShipIt online platform launched, A new way to send your package abroad!
The company's announcement

ShipIt online platform launched!

ShipIt was established by 1Export in 2021, and right now the company was able to deliver more than 2500 packages to 50+ countries. Now they launched a new online platform www.shipit.ph which aims to send your items beyond borders.
The website's interface
The website's interface

Users can seamlessly book, pay, and schedule their shipments online removing the need for manual processes.

The vision for ShipIt is to automate the entire process of international shipping and transform what used to be a taxing procedure in order to make it easier for customers to send packages abroad without leaving their homes, just like how local delivery services do it, Says Mel Nava, CEO of 1Export. We want to introduce a faster, cheaper, and more efficient shipping system in the Philippines. Before the introduction of the website, every step was done manually. Shipping in person takes hours, even days. With ShipIt, it only takes minutes.

Aside from their affordable shipping rates, boxes are offered free of charge to users that will book online including packing services. While Metro Manila bookers won't be charged for pick-up bookings.

Another highlight the firm says is that using the online platform removes the annoying forms and documents for customers. Users will only need to input the needed data such as item, quantity, weight, and addresses online to generate the approximate before paying. Upon securing the payment, packages may be delivered or picked up. 

The platform also allows multiple addresses saved online eliminating repeat fill-ups. While tracking details are readily given once the package is successfully dispatched.

The usual experience with shipping abroad can be tedious and inconvenient. “Packages are usually held at customs because of different things and requirements. To make it easier and hassle-free for OFWs and their families, we do everything we can and prepare the documents they need. So during the holidays, for example, families can immediately get the packages within 5-7 days and feel the love during holidays or any occasion.” Mel adds. 

The logistics firms continued that their website contains a rate calculator that can easily display estimated costs based on the package's weight and dimensions. While those customers who aren't sure about their box size, the rates for shipping to all countries are displayed online and on its social media pages. User may simply reach their concern via Facebook or Instagram regarding the latter.

Lastly, the firm also offers a wide range of service options for commercial shipments through ShipIt Fulfillment, Amazon, Forwarding, eBay, and Import.

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