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Shopee to increase GCash handling fee to 2 percent

On its official website, Shopee revealed that those who will use GCash as a payment option will have to pay a 2 percent handling fee upon checkout.
Shopee GCash

Another "ouch" for Shopee GCash users

To recap, Shopee originally added a 1 percent handling fee last November 1, 2022. Starting February 13, it will be up to 2 percent. This applies to all GCash payment options at Shopee including GCredit buy-now-pay-later and GGives borrow money feature.
The notification at Shopee
The notification at Shopee

The 2 percent may sound small on first look, but it might hurt your wallets once you start purchasing more expensive items or items in bulk.

For example, if you purchase a phone worth PHP 50,000, the handling fee of PHP 500 will be up to PHP 1,000.

Anyway, if you want to use GCash as a payment option, follow these steps:

Select Payment Option > Payment Center/e-Wallet as a payment method > GCash > Confirm  > Place Order > Verify your email address > Pay.

What do you guys think?

Source: Shopee

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