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Ajinomoto Philippines launches personalized “Nutrition Advice” app to help Filipinos be healthy

Popular MSG maker Ajinomoto just launched the "Nutrition Advice" web app in the Philippines.
Screenshot of Ajinomoto Philippines’ Nutrition Advice app
The Nutrition Advice app!

A new app to help Filipinos be healthy!

Inspired by the idea of teleconsultations, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC Group)  developed an app allowing Filipinos to connect with nutrition experts conveniently wherever they are.
File image of the app
File image of the app

The expert they are talking about is from the Philippine Society of Nutritionists-Dietitians (PSND).

Nutrition Advice is a two-way digital communication tool where users can receive expert and personalized recommendations from licensed dietitians and lifestyle doctors. It is designed to provide nutritional advice related to weight management, diabetes, and hypertension.

A lot of nutrition information are available online but since health is a very personal matter that requires dedicated discussions, we at Ajinomoto developed Nutrition Advice to help Filipinos easily connect with experts that can guide them in achieving their wellness goals, APC Group General Manager for Corporate Planning and Public Relations Roann Co said

According to the company, this is a part of Ajinomoto's efforts to actively address food and health issues in the Philippines.

Ajinomoto said that the company is also actively promoting a balanced diet and sodium reduction through the "BawAsin" campaign. This is the company's effort to encourage customers to reduce their salt intake without sacrificing deliciousness and the Mag-Pinggang Pinoy Tayo! Project which promotes the practice of Pinggang Pinoy, an easy-to-understand healthy food plate guide for Filipinos.

To try and access the Nutrition Advice, visit this link.

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