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Maya penetrates local wet markets in Pasig City, intros Paleng-QR PH Plus!

As part of Maya's expansion, you can now use a QR code as a mode of payment in Pasig City's "Palengke".
Maya penetrates local wet markets in Pasig City, intros Paleng-QR PH Plus!
Pay digital in wet markets!

Maya Paleng-QR in Pasig City!

The move is made in partnership with Maya with BSP, and DILG to boost digital retail payments in public markets in NCR which start in the known "Green City".

The push to encourage QR payments helps businesses to better access advanced financial services by creating a digital footprint. As you remit payments, the payments themselves generate a new set of data that can be used to replace the primitive ways of lending which are based on collateral, said BSP Governor Felipe Medalla

Maya Group President, Shailesh Baidwan said that QR PH significantly improves retail payments, allowing consumers and retailers to embrace digital for routine transactions. We're introducing QR Ph to the heart of our communities - our public markets - with Paleng-QR.

Meanwhile, the Honorable Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto said that the rollout of QR PH Plus will benefit our economy and that it can be a tool to fight counterfeit money, make giving and receiving change more precise, and prevent losing coins.

Other areas catered by the Paleng-QR include cities such as Baguio, Davao, Tagbilaran, Naga, and Lapu Lapu City.
Maya,DILG, BSP executives
Maya, DILG, BSP executetives

Maya said that their payment services are now available widely in the City (Pasig), from large malls to small shop retailers alongside hundreds of Maya Centers across the city's 30 barangays where consumers may "Cash in or out" for free.

On the other hand, Smart Communications supports the rollout of Maya Paleng-QR which they said will boost the city's network to deliver fast and reliable internet needs of Pasig's constituents such as merchants, tricycle drivers, and consumers.

Maya continued that their QR code is compatible with any QR-PH-compliant E-wallet or Bank services and right now they claimed that Maya has enabled more than 800,000 QR-PH Maya merchants in 96 percent of Philippine cities and municipalities.

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