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BLACKPINK to launch its own mobile game this year!

KPOP sensation BLACKPINK is planning to launch its very own mobile game this 2023.
The 4 members
The 4 members

BLACKPINK The Game coming soon!

YG Entertainment announced today along with the TakeOne developer, they will be releasing the said game in the 2nd quarter of 2023.

Players will be able to enter a multiverse world and become the producers of the KPOP group. This will include different modes such as training, management simulation, designing avatars, and chatting with other users around the world.

The game also features HD-exclusive photos and videos of the members Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rose. In addition, fans can expect soundtracks and music videos performed by ty the idols.
The idol's respective avatars
The idol's respective avatars

A source from YG Entertainment mentioned that "Through a new format, fans will be able to see various aspects of BLACKPINK that they were not able to see before. We hope that fans around the world can enjoy and have a special experience in the world of BLACKPINK The Game."

We are happy to unveil the first official game of BLACKPINK, the world’s best girl group. With the collaboration of our company’s exceptional knowledge of content games and the active participation of the [BLACKPINK] members, we will show you a unique game different from others".

To those who are interested you may pre-register at the link here

What do you guys think? Whos excited for the BLACKPINK Game?

Sources: TakeOneentertain.naver, via: Soompi

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