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Ultra-tough! HUAWEI Mate X3 passes washing machine test, folding screen drop test, and more!

Foldable smartphones have been around in the market since 2019 and they have dramatically improved over the years.
HUAWEI Mate X3 vs washing machine
HUAWEI Mate X3 vs washing machine?

To make the public more confident in buying these "relatively new" mobile form factors, brands are constantly improving the durability of the hinge, display, and overall materials used.

However, many might still argue that foldable won't still be as durable as regular smartphones.

But, the new HUAWEI Mate X3 might change your mind.

In China, a YouTube channel conducted a series of tests to show compare the durability of the Mate X3 with the competition.

HUAWEI Mate X3 washing machine test, screen drop tests

The video showed the durability of its folding screen by dropping a small metal ball and charger drop test. It showed that the Mate X3 did way better than the likes of OPPO Find N2 and the vivo X Fold+. The foldable phones from OPPO and vivo both received some irreversible and noticeable damage while the Mate X3 is still very much usable.

HUAWEI made this possible thanks to its use of UTG (ultra-thin glass) tech. 

After that, they dropped the cover screen of the 3 phones on a concrete road. HUAWEI and vivo survived the first drop while the OPPO foldable received a crack immediately.

After that, they dropped it at about 1.5 meters high. While the two have cracks, the damage on the Mate X3 is lesser.

The drop test on the screen shows that the Kunlun Glass protection of the Mate X3 is superior even against Gorilla Glass Victus.

Next, they did the washing machine test on the Mate X3. Surprisingly, even if they turned on the washing machine with water, the device is still working with less damage than expected.

The durability tests done with the Mate X3 were impressive as it is the world's thinnest foldable smartphone so far at just 5.3 mm thickness when unfolded and 11.08 mm when folded.

This shows that the claims of HUAWEI about the materials they used here are likely accurate.

To recap, the device has carbon fiber, a new-gen multi-dimensional hinge design, and IPX8 water resistance. HUAWEI told us that is 4x more impact resistant than its previous foldable and the first to pass Switzerland's five-star SGS impact-resistance certification.

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