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Our vivo V27 5G Camera Experience - Studio-like images anywhere?

Previously, we mentioned that vivo has started a new trend in the mobile photography scene with the V27 as a "studio" in your pocket when you use the Portrait mode.
vivo v27 5G back and aura flash image
This is the new vivo V27 5G with a color-changing back design

This is thanks to its photography and vlogging-ready custom 50MP f/1.88 Sony IMX766V main shooter with a large 1/1.56-inch sensor with a pixel size of 1.0μm for better and brighter images and video captures in different lighting conditions, OIS and EIS (Dual Ultra Stabilization), and the innovative Aura Portrait Algorithm Feature is also known as the built-in ring light.

To further check capabilities and to see whether it can really produce "studio-like" images anywhere, we use the device once more in different lighting conditions.

But before that, here's how you can use the Aura Portrait Algorithm Feature again:

The camera UI
The camera UI

1. Open the camera app
2. Select the "Portrait"
3. Click on the flash icon to activate the Aura Portrait light

Note: Make sure that you are using "Aura Light" as it can produce a softer light effect compared with the regular fill light with flash on Photo mode.
Regular flash, aura flash
Regular flash, aura flash

We also recently discovered that you can use this mode while using the HDR and Super Night modes at the same time.

Similar to most vivo Portrait modes, you can also choose different Portrait styles (except for the Flash portrait and Party styles), choose different beauty effects, and adjust the software aperture from f/16 to f/0.95.

You can use either 1x or 2x zoom for taking Portrait shots as well.

Let's have a look.

vivo V27 5G: Studio-like images anywhere?

Cat photo shot on vivo V27 5G
A photo of my cat sunny

For the first image, I was just playing around and tried it in daylight to take photos of my cat Sunny. I used the 2x zoom mode of the Portrait mode and then turned on the built-in ring light (Aura Portrait Algorithm Feature).
Normal Photo, Portrait, and Portrait w/ aura light
Normal Photo, Portrait, and Portrait w/ aura light featuring Bryan of Technobaboy

The output is actually pretty impressive. We felt that the ring light flash kinda helped its image sensors gather more light for better edge detection. The shadows were minimized too.
Back cam selfie with and without Aura Light
Back cam selfie with and without Aura Light

In this shot, we tried taking selfies using the back cameras of the phone in a well-lit situation.

By default, the shot will look great because this has a high-quality image sensor that is not common at this price point.
Normal, Portrait mode w/ aura
Normal, Portrait mode w/ Aura Light featuring Alora of revü

It uses the Sony IMX766V, a custom sensor with a 1/1.56-inch sensor size with a pixel size of 1.0μm designed to produce high-quality images in different lighting situations.

With the help of its built-in soft fash, the shot we took is brighter with more details on my hair.
Without and with aura light
Without and with aura light

It might not be noticeable at first glance, but the vivo soft flash solution helped in achieving shots with more details and better exposures.
50 percent crop
50 percent crop

Take a look at how detailed the shot above is. This is a 50 percent crop to better show how it corrected the exposure and colors.
Regular flash, Photo mode
Regular flash, Photo mode

In case you are wondering, this is shot if you will just use the photo mode with a strong flash. It is still a pretty good photo, but the one with aura light on the Portrait mode looks more "professional."
2x Portrait mode featuring Eason of Hungry Geeks
2x Portrait mode featuring Eason of Hungry Geeks

For best results, use the 2x Portrait mode. Under this setting, it will have a really nice soft-light effect. Take a look at the shot above with a really nice background blur, colors, exposure, and minimal shadows.

I would also like to note that its beautification feature is not exaggerated. It is just like you added a thin layer of foundation. Instant makeup and it doesn't look bad.
Chicken shot
Chicken shot

Oh, by the way, you can use the soft flash mode to take yummier-looking food shots with DSLR-like background blurs as well.
Low light shot
Low light shot

Where you will find this mode the most useful is in low light situations. The photo above was shot in a situation with dark lighting and it could still help the phone take a usable image with a nice depth of field.
No flash, with soft light flash
No flash, with soft light flash

In scenes with warmer colors, the soft light flash can also help correct colors. As you can see, the left photo above shows the greens from the oxidation on the mural. The right photo also looks decent, but it is more yellowish.
Portrait no flash, with soft light flash featuring Patty of The Lifestyle Wanderer
Portrait no flash, with soft light flash featuring Patty of The Lifestyle Wanderer

This low light shot with a yellowish light was able to lessen the warmth and make the shot less saturated. Basically, the exposure is better when you use the aura light.

My only comment is there are times when we also want to use the aura mode for close-up shots. We wish that you can adjust the lighting brightness level. But in general, we are pleased with this tech.

For selfies, the vivo V27 5G is also equipped with a capable shooter—a 50MP Eye AutoFocus camera.
Regular selfie, Portrait mode w/ screen flash
Regular selfie, Portrait mode w/ screen flash

It obviously takes impressive images in well-lit situations. But, its screen flash can also help elevate your shot.
Regular selfie

We also shared an indoor restaurant selfie with artificial and not-that-bright lighting. Take a look at that quality. It has some beautification going on, but the details are crisp and the colors are on point. Even the details on my hair are visible.
Selfie in the dark

For low light selfies, as you can see, it takes usable selfies. It makes your face brighter, but at least the details are there. You can easily adjust this in the post if you want to correct the exposure. 

Aside from being a good device for taking photos, the vivo V27 5G is also pretty good at taking videos thanks to its OIS + EIS ultra stabilization technology. This solution helps the V27 5G shots with less shake to help you create better-looking content overall.

The Steadiface with crop also works and it takes some of the most detailed 1080p video selfies around.

Note: For videos, we will embed a few clips using its back and front cameras. We will share portrait-style videos too for TikTok-style clips soon. 

For the rest of the vivo V27 5G features, read this article.

Our thoughts

In my opinion, vivo V27 5G's innovative Portrait camera system works nearly as well as advertised.

To be honest, we thought that its ring light "Aura Portrait Algorithm Feature" is gimmicky at first.

But when you properly use it, it is truly impressive which helps the handset take some of the best if not the best Portrait shots in the premium mid-range segment. It is a feature that will make you want to use it more and more after trying it.

Even for selfies, its 50MP shooter did very well for a non-flagship phone. And oh, it is great for taking videos as well.

As we said in our previous feature, the innovation that vivo did for the V27 makes it one of the most exciting mid-range releases we've seen in years.

So, if you are into content creation, highly recommend this phone at this price point. AND yes, with the help of its soft light flash, it can take "studio-like" images nearly anywhere.

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