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DICT to launch SIM validation project to fight scammers

The Department of Information and Communications Technology will soon launch a platform where SIM owners can easily validate a number.
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Addressing cybercrime

According to a report by the Manila Standard, the DICT will launch "Project: SIM Check Mo" next week as part of the government’s efforts to address cybercrime.

The project needs to be launched ASAP and immediately while we await the expiration of the 90-day extension period for the mandatory sim registration under Republic Act 11934, said DICT Executive Director Alexander Ramos of the agency’s Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center.

The project is also in line with DICT Sec. Ivan John Uy’s priority of ensuring cyber security for the public while the country transitions to having all SIM card users registered by the end of the 90-day extension, the department said.

The Project: SIM Check Mo will involve a text messaging service through the DICT's Hotline "1326." In 10 seconds, the person validating a number will know the partial identity and status of a SIM number of a suspected scammer.

One just needs to text SIM CHECK, space, plus the 11-digit number and send it to 1326.

The status of the SIM, the initials of the owner, and a remark on whether it has a good or derogatory record will then be sent.

Ramos said the three-month extension is a very long and dangerous time that can be taken advantage of by scammers to continue all sorts of scheming to swindle unsuspecting individuals.

Ramos assured the public that compliance with all data privacy requirements is being ironed out.

Compliance with the SIM Card Registration Law is simply analogous to responsible gun ownership. Do you want to have a community with thousands of unregistered firearms or licensed gun owners? If all the sim card owners are registered with the government, the chances of its users committing crimes will likely be less because they know the consequences, he said.

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