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New Philippine Customs Policy: Lazada blocks phones and tablets sourced outside of PH

Several GIZGUIDE Facebook group members noticed that smartphones are not sold at the Lazada POCO Official Global Store anymore.
Lazada blocks phones and tablets sourced outside of PH
No more phones, tablets?

No more imported smartphones and tablets at Lazada PH?

Upon checking, the store only sells the POCO Watch Strap Global, Black Shark FunCoolers, and the POCO Watch.

Even the pages of the LazMall pages of the OnePlus Global and Xiaomi Official Store Global are not selling phones and items above PHP 10K anymore.

We suspect that the government wants e-commerce platforms like Lazada to only sell mobile phones that have been certified or approved by NTC (National Telecommunications Commission).

We also stumbled upon a Lazada Logistics description that explains what is happening.
Lazada cross-border team announcement
Lazada cross-border team announcement

It said that based on the latest Philippine Customs policy, smartphones, and tablets will be affected by the import clearance. Smartphones and tablets are not allowed to be sold and the total package value (selling price of goods - seller discount) is greater than or equal to PHP 10,000 (pesos).
POCO's chat to my inquiry
POCO's chat to my inquiry

Lazada said that its platform will now remove those products and block the corresponding packages. Intercepted packages will be returned to the merchants as well.

Lazada asked for its customers' understanding and cooperation regarding the matter.

The POCO Official Global Store also told us,

Dear customer, I am very sorry, due to customs reasons, customs clearance will be suspended, and the specific recovery time is undecided. It is recommended that you pay attention to our store, you can see the update information of the product in time, and buy after customs clearance resumes, thank you for your support!

We are unsure if this move is temporary or permanent yet.

The local launch of the POCO F5 is just around the corner and we are unsure if it will be affected by this new measure as well.

We will reach out to the local reps of POCO Philippines tomorrow Monday (May 8, 2023) to shed more light on the issue.

This is a developing story...

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