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Disney+ plans combining content w/ Hulu after losing millions of subscribers in Q1


Disney+ announced fresh plans after losing 4 million subscribers in Q1.
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Disney+, Hulu plans to combine content

BBC said in a report that Disney+ lost four millions of its subscribers in the first three months of 2023, putting pressure on the company to make its streaming platform profitable.

Losses during the said period reached USD 659 million, down from USD 1.1 billion in the previous quarter.

Still, the decline in the number of users was bigger than expected.

Most of the losses came from its Hotstar service in Asia, which lost streaming rights to Indian cricket matches last year, BBC noted its report.

Disney+ also lost around 300,000 customers in the US and Canada after raising subscription prices, it added.

Following this, Disney bared its plan to combine contents of its Disney+ and Hulu in the US.

It intends to link both streaming services into a "one-app experience."

Some subscribers did not welcome the plan, citing concerns on subscription fees.

However, the company said both platforms, as well as its ESPN+, will still be available as standalone services.

Disney has invested billions into its streaming platforms. It now has more than 231 million subscriptions across its three streaming platforms.

For Disney+, its number of subscribers has reached close to 158 million, still behind its rival Netflix with 232.5 million.

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Via: BBC

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