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GCash bolsters security vs fraudsters with "DoubleSafe" Face ID

Mobile wallet GCash has introduced a new security feature aimed at blocking fraudsters from taking over the accounts of its fully verified users.
File photo: GCash app

New security feature

According to the company, its "DoubleSafe" Face ID uses an industry-first face recognition technology to ensure that the person accessing an account is the same as the one who registered in GCash.

GCash explained that even though a user’s mobile personal identification number and one-time pin have been compromised, scammers still cannot access the account as it requires the owner’s face.

Photos cannot also be used for this feature, GCash noted.

The face recognition feature is built within the app and doesn’t require mobile phones with high-end features. We made sure all our verified user base will have access to this security feature as we notice the prevalence of phishing attempts outside the app. DoubleSafe will further protect our customer's accounts and hard-earned money, said Pebbles Sy, chief technology and operations officer of GCash.

The official also stressed that since January 2022, GCash has blocked 3.1 million accounts tagged as fraudulent.

It added that 722 phishing sites and about 38,000 malicious social media posts and accounts were also shut down.

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