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Commuters can now ride LRT-1 through Maya QR tickets


There is now a more convenient way to purchase single-journey tickets at LRT-1.
Courtesy: Ang Litratista Ng Daang-Bakal

Skip long lines with Maya QR

According to a Facebook post by Ang Litratista Ng Daang-Bakal, passengers can now ride LRT-1 by purchasing their ticket via the Maya app.

To buy the ticket:

1. Open the Maya app
2. Go to lifestyle, then tap LRT-1
3. Select your route either northbound or southbound
4. Select your origin and destination
5. Pay your QR ticket

To use the ticket:

1. Find the QR beep scanner at the train’s fare gate
2. Point the QR ticket to the reader
3. Wait for the gate to open

Have you tried this new feature?

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