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OPPO confirms shutdown of MariSilicon chip design unit

OPPO's MariSilicon Xan AI-focused imaging chip, is one of the reasons why the OPPO Find X6 Pro is one of the world's top flagship camera phones today. However, alongside the MariSilicon Y audio chip, we might not see these components on its future devices.
File photo: MariSilicon Y chip

MariSilicon no more?

According to a recent report from Android Authority, OPPO is shutting down its ZEKU chip design unit. It is the team behind OPPO's custom chips.

The company cited "uncertainties" in the global economy and smartphone landscape as the culprit behind this move.

OPPO promised that the change won't affect devices that are already using MariSilicon chips like the Find X5, Find X6 Pro, Reno8 Pro, and more. 

OPPO only started venturing into the custom chip game in 2021 and it is sad to see this innovation with so much promise go down the drain.

We are unsure if OPPO will get back into chip-making in the future once the "uncertainties" in the global economy and smartphone landscape are back to being stable.

To read the full report, read here.

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