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NVIDIA x MediaTek partnership to transform in-vehicle AI solutions!

Top giant chipmakers have collaborated to produce the next generation of in-vehicle AI solutions.
NVIDIA x MediaTek partnership to transform in-vehicle AI solutions!
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NVIDIA x MediaTek to bring next-gen AI vehicles!

Both MediaTek and NVIDIA have already their own versions of in-vehicle platforms. As an example, the Taiwanese firm has Dimensity Auto while NVIDIA offers a number of software and hardware like the Drive OS, Drive IX, CUDA, and Tensor RT. Both firms provide ready-to-use solutions for automakers in the area of infotainment and autonomous driving while also being deeply invested in Artificial Intelligence.
Dimensity Auto
Dimensity Auto

Now this alliance will let MediaTek create an automotive SoC with an integrated NVIDIA GPU. Making this solution features an NVIDIA AI and graphics IP. While the smart in-cabin solutions from MediaTek will run NVIDIA OS with TensorRT tech, with a set of AI-driver capabilities and advanced graphics from the chipmaker.

If you combine this with MediaTek's knowledge in high-speed data internet and deep Android ecosystem, accompanied by vast years of expertise in mobile computing, this can potentially result as big news ever.
Photo from NVIDIA
Photo from NVIDIA

While in-car technology has already moved further, there are car makers who fail to grasp the importance of software and have faced serious issues. For example, Volkswagen has countless delays affecting the launch of new vehicles resulting in a lot of disappointed customers due to ignoring the software area and its part in customers' overall experience.

MediaTek is merely tapping into one of the most complete and cutting-edge solutions for automated driver assistance systems and in-car entertainment that NVIDIA offers. The collaboration will adopt the concept first proposed by Huawei with its Huawei Inside program, however, it extends above simply in-car software and hardware to include offer drivetrain technology.

Whether we like it or not, vehicles nowadays are transforming to software-driven status. The in-car experience has evolved from taking in the environment and driving to being entirely involved in our digital life.

Before, cars do not offer this kind of always-connected feature, uninterrupted productivity, and new levels of entertainment. Now there are even autonomous driving existing. With NVIDIA and MediaTek combined we can expect a lot of technological advances soon enough.

Source: MediaTek

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