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Sharp to hold Technology Day on Nov 11, 2023 for its 111th Anniversary!

In commemoration of its 111th Anniversary celebration, Sharp is going to hold Technology Day on November 11,2023.
Sharp to hold Technology Day on Nov 11, 2023 for its 111th Anniversary!
Sharp's announcement

Sharp to hold its technology day on November 11,2023!

The event will have a slogan called " Be a Game changer" which was announced by Rober Wu, President and CEO of Sharp. The firm is currently boosting its own development capabilities while also deriving open innovation by joining global firms and engaging with startups.

The purpose is to create innovative technology in the fields of AI, robotics, XR, 6G, food, water, air, green, and space that will shape the world.

Sharp Technology Day will present the company's future technology vision as well as showcase cutting-edge products and solutions utilizing its exclusive technologies.

Sharp was founded on September 15, 1912, by Tokuji Hayakawa, an entrepreneur, and inventor who opened a metalworking shop in Tokyo. Later, he created the "Ever Ready Sharp Pencil," a twist-type mechanical pencil that served as the inspiration for the company brand.

Since that, the electronics firm business creed is "Sincerity and Creativity" thus leading to the creation of many industry-first, Japan-first, and world-first that many other companies want to copy. Sharp aims to become a truly global corporation by expanding into new areas such as building start-up solutions firms, creating new enterprises from local ideas, and offering services close to the community.
Sharp's products
Sharp's products

Sharp will continue to hold sincerity and use its special technology to contribute to society as a global standing close to people by placing an emphasis on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policy in its management.

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