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NFC roadmap unveiled: wider range, fast wireless charging, multi-purpose tap and more!

The NFC Forum shares its plan for 2023 to 2028 which includes several improvements for its technology.
NFC roadmap unveiled: wider range, fast wireless charging, multi-purpose tap and more!
The tap features

NFC's roadmap unveiled!

NFC also known as Near Field Communication technology is another type of connectivity that can be seen on smartphones and other smart devices. The most common use is contactless payment, tap features to get connected on WiFi, wireless charging, or simply file transfers and more.
Wireless charging and other features
Wireless charging and other features

Now the firm behind this has laid out the initiatives that will cover the next two to five years that could possibly determine the path of NFC which then will provide new potential for product development, markets, and enterprises.

Below is the list of the roadmap:

  • Increased Power for NFC Wireless Charging - The forum intends to enhance the existing NFC Wireless Charging from 1W to 3W. According to the company, this will let wireless power and charging in tiny form factors, which could disrupt the industrial design and open new markets.
  • Increased Range - The current NFC doesn't have much range, now the firm wants to further expand the operating range of NFC tech to 4x to 6x its 5mm limit. If done successfully, the brand says it will improve user experience such as faster and seamless contactless transactions, and reduce the need for accurate antenna alignment.
  • Multiple Purpose Tap - This feature has the goal to improve the contactless user experience by allowing several actions in a single tap. The idea will improve ease and efficiency in areas ranging from point-to-point receipt distribution to loyalty identification and complete journey ticketing.
  • Modernizing Device-to-Device Communication - The company is developing to improve NFC-enable handsets with the Point-of-Sale feature (SoftPOS). This technology will let businesses and individuals accept payments anywhere, widening the reach of the said technology.
  • Expanding NFC's Data Sharing Capabilities for Sustainability - The firm wants to meet the growing consumer demands and regulatory requirements, thus they want NFC to transfer data on product composition and recycling options. This development will help to improve the circulatory economy and support sustainability goals.

The company shared this roadmap to create awareness and interest for everyone to know the vital role of their work.

What do you guys think?

Source: NFC Forum

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