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HUAWEI logs USD 560-M patent fees in 2022


HUAWEI says it earned USD 560 million (over PHP 30 billion) in its patent business revenue in 2022.
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An important milestone for HUAWEI

The announcement regarding the company’s patent fees was made during the Intellectual Property Rights Conference 2023, according to the HUAWEI Central.

This USD 560-million revenue is a big push for the patent revenue and will help Huawei continue to innovate in the field, it noted.

HUAWEI Central said that HUAWEI signed almost 200 bilateral patent licenses. Aside from this, more than 350 companies obtained licenses for the brand’s patents through patent pools.

Worldwide, HUAWEI is one of the largest tech patent holders, with a total R&D investment of around CNY 977.3 billion in the past then years, it said.

For 2022 alone, HUAWEI allocated CNY 161.5 billion, or 25.1 percent of its revenue for R&D. The 2022 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard put Huawei at No. 4 worldwide.

Huawei is willing to share cutting-edge innovations in the form of patents with the world, said HUAWEI Chief Legal Officer Song Liuping. These will support the common, sustainable development of industries globally.

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