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30 million users sign up on Threads, Zuckerberg says

Just a day after its launch, Meta’s new app Threads has logged 30 million users onboard. 
File photo: The Threads app

Threads vs Twitter

According to a report by the BBC, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the Threads app recorded 30 million users during its first day.

The so-called "Twitter killer" was unveiled on Thursday. This Instagram-backed app generally functions like the bird app.

Experts have said that Threads could attract Twitter users who are unsatisfied with the recent changes in the Musk-owned app.

However, Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino said that the social media platform’s community can "never be duplicated" even if the app is "often imitated."

To create a Threads account, one should link his or her Instagram account.

Comparing some of the features of Threads and Twitter, the former allows posts with up to 500 texts, while the latter only allows 280 characters for a free account, which can be expanded if subscribed to Twitter Blue.

Another feature is that users can upload 5-minute videos on Threads, and only 2 minutes 20 seconds on a basic Twitter account.

Meanwhile, some of Twitter’s notable features like trending stories and hashtags are not yet available on Threads.

Competitors have criticized the amount of data the app might use. This may include health, financial, and browsing data linked to users' identities, according to the Apple App Store, BBC said.

Some users also expressed concern that it is not possible to delete your Threads profile without deleting the associated Instagram profile.

Meta told the BBC: "At this time, you can't delete your Threads profile without deleting your Instagram account. This is something we're working on. In the meantime, you can deactivate your Threads profile at any time.

Deactivating your Threads profile will not deactivate your Instagram account, it added.

Meta also said that this is only the initial version of Threads. Updated features, including the ability to interact with people on other social media apps like Mastodon, will be soon released as well.

Our vision with Threads is to take what Instagram does best and expand that to text, the firm said prior to its launch.

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Via: BBC

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