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Authorities seize 24,000 SIM cards, nearly PHP 7 million cash in POGO hub

Authorities said the SIMs were even pre-registered.
SIM card file photo
File photo: SIM card

Millions of cash, pre-registered SIMs in suspected scam hub

According to a CNN Philippines report, authorities confiscated a number of items from 32 vaults in SA Rivendell Gaming Corporation located in Pasay City, an alleged scam hub fronting as a POGO.

Among those seized were PHP 7 million in cash, 24,000 pre-registered SIM, over 9,000 cellphones, passports, credit cards, and various documents.

Winston John Romero Casio, senior technical adviser and liaison officer of the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC), said most of the pre-registered SIMs still needed to be opened.

He said they already reached out to the concerned telco, which was also clueless about how the SIM was pre-registered.

SA Rivendell Gaming Corporation was raided early this month. Hundreds of workers were found operating illegal activities such as love scams, gambling, and cryptocurrency scams in the hub.

Yung kanilang operation po is napaka-segregated, napaka-silo na hindi alam ng ibang nagtatrabaho dito na they are actually in a scam, Department of Information and Communications Technology Cybercrime Investigation Office Director Rojun Hosilis said.

There were 28 foreign nationals detained and are currently facing criminal charges for violation of the Securities Regulation Code and Cybercrime Prevention Act.

They will be also facing cases for violation of the SIM Registration Act.

Authorities said smallest scam hub and just one of those related to POGOs.

Casio reminded Filipinos to be cautious of job opportunities they see to avoid becoming a victim.

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