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ICYMI: Govt looking into rush hour rate for PUVs

The government is considering the implementation of additional fares for PUVs during rush hours amid higher fuel costs.
File photo: Tamiya Dyipne

Rush hour rate for PUVs?

Authorities said it may give in to this request of jeepney drivers and transport groups after oil companies increased pump prices of diesel by PHP 3.50, the highest hike this year, a report by Manila Standard said.

Another option would be to expand the administration's financial assistance to PUV drivers and operators, LTFRB chief Teofilo Guadiz said after meeting with the transport group this week.

In the event that our fuel subsidy is not sufficient, we may resort to granting their request, but not as high as one peso, Guadiz said. This will be subject to a study which we are doing right now, with results out in about two weeks.

According to Pasang Masda President Obet Martin, drivers and operators lose PHP 150 in take-home earnings per day due to the PHP 3.50 increase in diesel, which pushed its price to nearly PHP 60 per liter. This lost amount could have been used for a jeepney driver’s breakfast before hitting the roads or additional food for their families, he noted.

However, Primo Morillo, convenor of The Passenger Forum, said the changing fares may only lead to confusion.

This can be a source of conflict for drivers and passengers because they would debate on what time a passenger boarded and thus would have to pay the higher fare rate, he pointed out.

Are you in favor of this?

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