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Microsoft ends support for Cortana on Windows

In a statement, tech giant Microsoft shared that starting in August 2023, Cortana will no longer be supported in Windows as a standalone app.
Bye Cortana for Windows

Cortana met its demise on Windows

According to the company, users can still access powerful productivity features in Windows and Edge, which have increased AI capabilities. Its users can still get help with their tasks, calendar, and email, among others.

Windows now highlights Voice access in Windows 11 that uses advanced speech recognition even offline. It lets users control their PC and even write texts using their voice. The voice command can also be used to open and switch between apps, browse the web, and read and write emails.

To recap, Windows also recently integrated an upgraded AI-powered Bing Search where you can ask ask complex questions and get concise answers from reliable sources on the web. This is powered by ChatGPT-4.

Microsoft also highlights that it has the Microsoft 365 Copilot that uses AI to turn your words into a powerful productivity tool such as your calendar, emails, chats, documents, and meetings. This can help its users create, edit, share content, and more while keeping the data of its users secure and private.

Windows Copilot is also available in preview for Windows 11 in June. This provides centralized AI assistance.

However, Cortana will still be available in Outlook mobile, Teams mobile, Microsoft Teams display, and Microsoft Teams rooms.

Source: Microsoft

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