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GCash and HUAWEI will bring the first-ever wearable QR payment solution to PH!

At the recently concluded HUAWEI Developer Conference (July 7 to 9, 2023) in China, GCash revealed that it will soon launch a wearable QR payment solution in the Philippines.
GCash Digital Experience Head, Michelle Fernandez-Castillo was at the recent Huawei Developer Conference 2023 in China.

The first ever-wearable QR payment solution in the Philippines?

In partnership with HUAWEI, GCash Digital Experience Head, Michelle Fernandez-Castillo highlighted how GCash, as the largest digital ecosystem in the Philippines, is committed to empowering Filipinos through innovative features that promote financial inclusion.

In a presentation, she gave a preview using a mockup layout on how the first-ever wearable QR payment solution will be possible in the Philippines.

We are unsure of how will GCash implement this and what is the first device that they will use.

But in China and a few other countries, HUAWEI has a solution called HUAWEI Pay. It is said to be a safe and secure way to pay online or in-store without the need for cash.

It is currently available on select phones and some of its smartwatches with NFC. This is different from wearable QR payments though.

There is no info on when will GCash implement this solution in the Philippines as well.

What do you guys think?

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