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You can now send money via QR on Metrobank's App, free transfers until Sept 30!

Metrobank announces that you can now transfer money using a QR PH code inside their dedicated app.
You can now send money via QR on Metrobank's App, free transfers until Sept 30!
The bank's announcement

The New Metrobank app now supports QR PH!

The bank says their account holders can now experience a much more efficient and convenient way of sending money to other banks and E-wallets as they now introduce the QR PH feature which can be accessed inside the new Metrobank app.
They continued users who will send worth PHP 1,000 and below can enjoy FREE InstaPay fees however it is until September 30, 2023, only.

With these new features, users will only need to scan or upload a QR code to seamlessly transfer money.

Below are the simple steps Metrobank has prepared for its app users:

1. On your Metrobank App's dashboard, tap "QR" at the bottom navigation menu.
2. Scan or Upload the QR code of your recipient.
3. After scanning the QR code, fill in the required details for your fund transfer. A PHP 0.00 transfer fee should be reflected in the confirmation page for transactions worth PHP 1,000 and below.

Users can also start receiving funds in an instant via QR on the new Metrobank App. Here’s how:

1. On the dashboard’s bottom navigation menu, tap “QR”.
2. Select Generate QR code and provide the needed details. Here, you can already indicate the amount you wish to receive to make it more convenient to the sender.
3. After generating your unique QR code, you can easily share it with the person sending you money or save it on your device so you can send it later on.

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