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CHERRY Philippines improves home air quality with new purifiers

CHERRY Philippines developed more air cleaners to reduce Filipino households' indoor air pollution.
The new air purifiers from CHERRY Philippines

CHERRY PH cleans the air you breathe in at home

Dubbed as "home air pollutants combat," the company has launched the following:

1. The CHERRY Smart Air Purifier SAP 600 has the capacity to get rid of airborne viruses as it comes with 4-layer Medical Grade Filters such as an Anti-Virus H13 HEPA Filter, a Washable Mesh Filter, a Granular Activated Carbon Filter, and a Built-in Ionizer.

It has a price tag of PHP 7,000.

2. The CHERRY UVC Air Purifier AP-02, meanwhile, has a six-stage airpurification system and emits 80 million negative ions per centimeter cube. Moreover, this contains UVC light disinfection that has a 99.98 percent kill rate for viruses and covers up to 50 square meters of filtration.

Filipinos can buy this for PHP 5,000.

3. The CHERRY Dehumidifier Pro, on the other hand, helps prevent mold from growing in the home with two liters large water tank capacity that can remove up to 12 liters of excess moisture per day.

Get this for only PHP 7,500.

CHERRY said the units are also available in its Shopee and Lazada stores.

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