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HUAWEI Kirin A2 chip for wearables launched!

HUAWEI just launched its Kirin A2 chip which we've already seen at the FreeBuds Pro 3.
HUAWEI Kirin A2 chip for wearables launched!
The new Kirin A2 processor

HUAWEI Kirin A2 chip launched!

This announcement validates Huawei's long-term visions for future smart wearables. Smart TWS earbuds and smartwatches are the main examples of products that use this technology.  As mentioned above, the new Kirin A2 chipset is also included in the FreeBuds Pro 3.
Crazy high lossless audio transmission!
Crazy high lossless audio transmission!

One of its main highlights is to support a lossless audio transmission of up to 1.4Mbps on its L2HC 3.0 protocol. Bypassing what LDAC can do at 990Kbps. This results in to CD-grade audio experience for users.

However, it is still unclear if this chip is also present in recently announced Smartwatches like the Watch Ultimate Gold and Watch GT 4 as the brand didn't elaborate on what processor powers those.

HUAWEI has knowledge of making a chip, but their dilemma was to print the design. Huawei didn't have to go too far to produce these chips because they don't require complex chip processing capabilities. Instead, the existing tools come in helpful.

Back in 2019, the firm introduced the first Kirin A series chip, while it was also the same year that the US decided to give HUAWEI multiple challenges. At that time, the Chinese firm was still able to produce chips via Taiwan's TSMC.

But in 2023, HUAWEI cut off from the global supply chain and they discontinued producing new chipsets. The brand acquired a large amount of Kirin A1 for a number of wearable models that were released in 2021.

After that, HUAWEI mentioned on different occasions that they did not remove the chip engineers from its subsidiary HiSilicon. During this time period, the firm was also experiencing major financial difficulties.

HiSilicon is known as China's biggest chip maker business. Prior to the US sanctions, it was also one of the most well-known chip companies in the worldwide semiconductor market. HiSilicon has spent the last three years studying innovative designs that can operate at the lowest node.

Processor design like the Kirin A2 shows HUAWEI's effort to work with the local producers. On the other hand, one of the most essential factors that the firm is concerned about is keeping the procedure and the processor private.

Anyways, unlike smartphones, HUAWEI does not hold back in showing its new processor to everyone. Now it's confirmed by the company itself that Kirin A2 Chip is here and for the consumers.

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Source: HC Newsroom

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