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Sharp releases new washing machine models for Filipinos

Japanese electronics company Sharp has rolled out new washing machine models for the Philippine market.
Sharp's new washing machine models

Sharp launches fully automatic washing machine models

Boosting its portfolio initially composed of Semi-automatic to Top Load products, Sharp has introduced Fully Automatic Washing Machine models, allowing Filipinos to tap innovative products to ease their daily chores.

Sharp also shared the following tips on choosing a fully automatic washing machine product:

  1. Easy and convenient to use - Sharp's washing machine is unique with its Low Water Pressure Operation, which works well even in areas with low water pressure, providing the best solution to your problem. One of Sharp’s best Fully Automatic Line-up is its original No Holes Tub ES S115HP-SL(11.5kg), and ES-S95HP-GY(9.5kg), wherein it is equipped with No Holes Tub Technology that lets you save water by up to 30 percent, and provides more hygienic laundry and is gentler on clothes providing gentle care even on most delicate fabrics.
  2. Durable and efficient - Amid the changing weather conditions in the country, Sharp said the washing machine must be tough and ensure a rust-free body.
  3. Energy saving - Sharp said its energy-saving models include ES-JX105A9(GY)(10.5kg) and ES-JX105A9(BK)(10.5kg).

To further elevate the lifestyle of Filipino households, Sharp has added a Front Load Washing Machine, ES-FLC15BV-DS Front Load Washer(10.5kg), and Dryer(7kg) with Plasmacluster Ion Technology

According to Sharp, the technology ensures that it removes bacteria and odor from items that cannot be washed with water.

New models also include the new Front Load Washer ES-FLW15BV-GY (10.5kg) and ES-FLW85BV-GY (8.5kg). The new Sharp Front Load Washing Machine has a projected capacitive touch panel that prevents accumulation of dirt on the buttons providing a more modern and delicate design. Also, its Mirror Glass Door reflects light, creating an elegant and attractive look for the model. Matched with the Easy to Use feature, it provides a sleek design with its angled glass surfaces and panels that provide clean usability. Plus, its unique drum pattern provides plenty of water flow to ensure high washing mode.

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