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HUAWEI's new camera patent will allow users to photograph even bacteria

Global mobile camera innovator HUAWEI has a new interesting smartphone patent.
HUAWEI smartphone microscope technology
Up to 400x microscope zoom!

Microscope camera!

The new patent is called "smartphone microscope technology" and was filed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apart from photography, the tech could also be used to analyze a photo to check the subject's hygiene status.

It uses 2 cameras. One of them is the capture the image while the other one is for its microscopic mode. At 0.5mm, the camera could do 20 to 400x magnification—which is microscope level.
HUAWEI Micro mode image analysis
HUAWEI Micro mode image analysis

When used, the "Micro mode" can analyze if the subject is clean or not by voice, text, and more. It also shows the bacteria found on the subject and if cleaning is recommended.

The patent also shows that HUAWEI has an algorithm 
with presets of hygienic tets including food safety assurance, kitchen utensil maintenance, personal hygiene assessment, table cleanliness, children’s toy inspection, and pet hygiene monitoring.

There is no word on when will this be available yet. But if ever, this is an intriguing feature.

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